About Us

“To create inspiring spaces while focusing on the well being of our community and the environment.

Office Space Design was started in 2000 in Mankato, Minnesota by Dain Fisher. Dain began the business by selling and installing used commercial furnishings. As the business grew, employees were added along with a broad selection of furniture options. Now, Office Space Design has a 6000sq ft showroom in Mankato. The furniture options now available were chosen to fit any budget. Offering new, used and re-manufactured products is the key to Office Space Design’s success. Office Space Design has expanded to become a full circle contract office design, furnishing, and installation company. Other services include moving, ergonomic training, and down to earth business.

Our Services

  • Sales


    Dain Fisher and Ryan Hertling are here to assist you with your furniture needs. Dain and Ryan each have over a decade in the industry. Product knowledge and solution finding is there gig. Dain and Ryan rock.

    Dain Fisher began Office Space Design in 2000 and has vastly expanded the business from used office furniture to an extensive variety of high-end new, used and re-manufactured office furniture. Dain has developed a loyal client base throughout Southern Minnesota which has allowed him to expand into the successful furniture and design business that he has today. Dain also works in commercial real estate and is an owner of Bent River Outfitter. Dain is a family man. Dain likes nature. Dain is cool.
    Ryan Hertling began with Office Space Design as an installer. Ryan’s many years of experience in the industry makes him an expert with our many manufacturers. Ryan is energetic. Ryan is in the know. Let Ryan help you with your furniture needs.


  • Design


    Andrew Breck is a designer. Andrew likes pretty things. Andrew is nice.

    Andrew has over a decade of design experience under his belt. Andrew likes to put things together and design cool spaces. Let Andrew assist with planning and layout for your next project.


  • Installation


    Zach Busch is our talented installation manager. Zach is strong. Zach is smart. You will like Zach.

    Zach has multiple years of experience with installing and re-configuring several types of furniture systems. He enjoys the satisfaction of transforming your workspace! Let Office Space Design install your next project and Zach will get you situated in your new space! We like Zach.



Office Space Design has expanded to become a full circle contract office design, furnishing, and installation company. Other services include moving, ergonomic training, and down to earth business.


We meet with you to learn what will best suit your work environment needs. We discuss the tasks performed in the space, the type of furniture desired, and the overall appearance of the office. From there, our designers put the information into action with a custom design and proposal. Once the design and proposal are finalized our experienced project managers facilitate the project through complete installation. Once you’ve had time to evaluate the new office, we’ll call and ensure that all of your equipment is properly functioning and that you are completely satisfied with our work.

  • Planning & Design

    The most important and often overlooked part of designing an office space is forming an effective plan. We’ll help you develop a plan for your space that defines your objectives and works within the budget. We keep your business in mind and will schedule future installations to be the least disruptive to your workflow. We will teach you how to apply the latest trends in office ergonomics to your business practices.

  • Delivery & Installation

    Planning Around Your Schedule
    Our experienced project manager plans each installation so that you can continue normal operations.

    Project Phases
    A phased approach makes large projects go smoothly.

  • Reconfiguration & Move

    Relocating? Expanding? Whether you are moving within the same building or to a new building; let our team at Office Space Design assess your current office inventory and provide you with a new layout based off your existing office components. We will thoughtfully demount your office components, move them and set them up based on your new space needs.


Office Space Design offers a full range of new, re-manufactured and pre-owned products that include: desks, work stations, seating, filing and tables.



Let’s face it, we all have numerous decisions to make throughout the day and deciding which desk or chair manufacturer is optimal is not at the top of the list. OSD is here to assist with those decisions and take the guessing work out of purchasing furniture. We have built lasting relationships with some of the best manufacturers in the world and continue to explore new product lines at the requests and needs of our clients. Please take a look at some options but don’t hesitate to ask, it’s what we’re here for


We can tell you what we’re capable of doing but we’d rather you just see for yourself.


Office Space Design has expanded to become a full circle contract office design, furnishing, and installation company.  We design for both commercial and residential spaces.

  • MSU Mankato Library

    1st Floor Quiet Area

    We collaborated with MSU Mankato, their interior designer, and Oleson + Hobbie Architects to create custom study stations for the library. OSD teamed up with Three H and 3Form to create the custom stations that integrate with the surrounding finishes.

  • Beemer Companies

    Fairmont, MN

    OSD worked in conjunction with Beemer Companies and their interior designer to create custom furniture for their new corporate office. Once the design and finishes were agreed upon, OSD collaborated with Three H to provide custom built furniture that met the design ideals and function of Beemer Companies.
  • FPX

    Bloomington, MN

    FPX commissioned OSD to create a modern and flexible work space that inspired collaboration and also created some privacy. We used a combination of numerous manufacturers to create the open and flexible plan that FPX configures as they need it.


Office Space Design was planted with the seeds of pre-owned furniture. We understand the importance of re-purposing quality product while offering economical solutions to our clients. From pre-owned desks and file cabinets to economical new product, our roots have grown with our budget conscious products while helping the environment.